BOGO Frappuccino: Starbucks and Barnes and Noble bookstores have a new coupon available where you can get a free Frappuccino beverage, when you purchase one at regular price. Make sure to print this coupon and go to participating B&N stores.

BOGO Refreshers: Another Starbucks deal you can use at any Starbucks store. This is for the offer of buy-1-get-1-free Valencia Orange Refresher drinks.

Free Self Magazine:
Rewards Gold has a new deal where you can answer a few questions and get a free subcription to Self Magazine. Make sure you read all details and say no to any offers you don't want.

Medjool Dates: Free sweet dried fruit samples are available at the company's Facebook page here. just make sure to check back tomorrow since they're all gone for today. They should replenish their stock first thing the day after!

As with all offers, make sure to read all details and understand deals are subject to change at any time.

Have FUN and see you on TV!

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