CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It was a big day for CMS; last year's End of Grade results are out, and they're down. But school officials made it clear, with huge curriculum changes, these numbers don't mean that students and the schools aren't performing.

I'm surprised. I knew the scores would go down, but I'm surprised they were that low, said one parent.

With the new Common Core standards in Math, only 46.4-percent of students were proficient. Reading results showed 45.5-percent were proficient, and 48.2-percent in the EOC composite.

But Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison wants parents to know it's for a good, long-term change.

We could have been sitting here talking about huge increases and feeling good about ourselves, but then having students go to college needing remediation or not being ready for the work place, said Dr. Morrison.

Morrison says the Common Core standards can't compare with the old standards, plus students don't get retests like in the past.

You have more rigorous standards, much higher to attain, much harder assessments, much harder to do well on those assessments-- a harder cut score, expressed Dr. Morrison.

In North Carolina, Math 3-8 dropped nearly 40-percent, Reading 3-8 dropped nearly 30-percent and 25-percent in Science.

Bill Henderson with MeckEd says the Common Core is the best national assessment out there.

We're disappointed but not surprised because other states that were a year ahead of us, Kentucky, New York, and Florida, they also saw significant drops, said Henderson.

Some parents still aren't sold on the new plan.

Only time will tell. I think it's a little too early to say right now, but we will see, said one parent.
But many say they do understand that these scores can t be compared to last year s scores.

It's different, it's a change. We can't look at these results and say, oh my gosh and be alarmed, we just have to move forward, said one parent.

And hope that next year when they can compare results, they see improvement.

On a positive note, Dr. Morrison says that 81-percent of schools did meet proficiency. And even with a drop, CMS did better than the rest of North Carolina counties. Union County schools have also reached out saying they'll go over the scores with parents sometime within the next two weeks.

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