FORT MILL, S.C. An 8-year-old Fort Mill girl was honored Wednesday afternoon for keeping calm and cool when she had to call 911 last month to get help for her mother, who was having trouble breathing.

Brie ana Kendrick is a student at Gold Hill Elementary, where she was surprised Wednesday by members of the York County Public Safety Communications team.

On October 28, her birthday, Briana and her mother just got home from dinner when her mother started to choke and struggled to breathe.

On the tape of that call, you hear Brie ana say, Hello. My mom can t breathe right.

The operator, Lisa Thompson, asks Brie ana for her address and also gets Brie ana to give her details about her mother s condition.

Brie ana said she knew her mother needed help.

I was happy to call 911 because I knew they were going to do something about her, she said.

During the award, Thompson walked across the stage to hug Brie ana.

Thompson said to Brie ana, I was the one that talked to you on 911 that night. You saved your momma.

Afterward, Thompson said she was grateful to meet Brie ana. We don t ever get to see them so it touched me.

Leslie Kendrick is Brie ana s mother and she knows her daughter is special.

For her to react the way she did and so quickly and calmly, oh, I am truly thankful for her, Kendrick said.

And Brie ana had some advice for all her friends.

If there is an emergency, always stay calm and call 911 and not go crazy or anything, she said.

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