Idea! Save Money.

Going into the new year means out with old light bulbs. In their place are energy-efficient light bulbs that come in all shapes and colors. At 75 percent more efficient, and up to ten times longer lasting, the benefits are many. In fact, Duke Energy says each compact florescent bulb will save $40 over its lifetime in energy costs.

With that in mind Duke, has been giving away compact florescent bulbs for years. Just recently, the power company opened an online store for consumers to purchase energy saving lights of all kinds at steep discounted prices. It surprises many that a power company would be the one to save its customers power.

Duke Energy has an obligation to meet customers energy needs. We do this by generating electricity, and providing products, services and information to help customers use energy in smarter ways through energy efficiency, says Duke spokesperson Kistina B. Hill.

The drawback is the higher upfront price, and customer apprehension about change.

To receive up to 15 energy efficient bulbs, click here and follow the signs, or by calling Duke directly at 800-943-7585. It may take up to six weeks for the bulbs to show up on your doorstep. Duke recommends installing the bulbs as soon as you receive them. Next, sit back and wait for the savings.

While incandescent lights can still be found on the shelves of your local hardware store, once sold out they won t be replaced.

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