CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The rush to celebrate Valentine s Day after the largest winter storm in a decade is proving to be a challenge for flower shops and people getting gifts for their sweethearts.

The storm shut down the Flower Hut on Independence Boulevard. Deliveries initially scheduled for February 13 had to be included in Friday s schedule.

That, shall we say, a challenge, said Flower Hut Owner Bill Miller.

Miller and his drivers will be running on fumes by the time Valentine s Day is over. They are playing catch up on a tight deadline.

I've got about 10 trucks on the road right now, Miller said.

He wanted more, but a third of his drivers canceled due to the weather.

Everybody wants to have flowers for their sweetheart on the 14th and we're going to do the absolute best we can to make that happen.

Deliveries are typically to homes. Homes are typically on side streets that haven't been plowed.

So when delivering flowers, the biggest concern is really getting in and out of the neighborhood and going up to the door to give the flowers because you could fall down on some steps, said delivery driver Joe Mitry.

He now wishes he wore different shoes with more traction.

While Mitry is making deliveries, Renzo Capurro drove to the store to pick his flowers up.

I was going to buy them before, so I could have everything for today, but it was a little delayed, Capurro said.

The weather caused his delay.

Capurro says what matters is his girlfriend will have her roses by dinner time.

The Flower Hut also plans to make some deliveries Saturday to customers who agreed to the February 15 delivery date because their loved ones are still out of town.

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