CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- An Atlanta developer is building some new luxury apartments in south Charlotte, but that means dozens of people just found out they are being kicked out of their apartments in just 30 days.

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Many of the people living at the Stratford Apartments on Park Road have lived there for almost 10 years. They like it because of the location and the affordable rent.

Ella Lewis, who has lived here for nine years, is trying to stay positive.

I got more stuff going on in my life then to be too nervous about this move.

Like all of her neighbors, she got a notice last night telling people in all 163 units that they have to be out in a month to make way
for some luxury apartments an the developer plans to build.

There were rumors we may sell, we may not sell, so now everybody knows, Lewis told us.

Another long-timer, Dustin Palmer, just found out.

I have no idea [what I m going to do]. I found out about this yesterday and I ve got too many variables in my life to even contemplate a course of action, he said.

He wants to fight the last minute eviction but we checked and found out he really can't.

Language in the leases at Stratford Apartments show management only has to give 30 days.

Some of my other neighbors are highly pissed but I m okay with it, Lewis said.

She, too, is trying to figure out where she's going to go, but she knows she won't be able to afford the same address once the new luxury apartments are built.

No, unless I become a millionaire overnight, I can t afford it, when they make the luxury apartments. No, I can t afford it.

The apartments are set to be bulldozed in April. There will be 273 new luxury units with some for rent by 2015.

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