UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- In a surprise move by the Union County Board of Education, the school district will go ahead with a redistricting proposal.

During the meeting Tuesday at Porter Ridge High School, the board first rejected a $3 million proposal for mobile classrooms for a second time.

The school board said in a previous meeting it believes the offer from the county came with strings attached.

The county commission last month clarified that the funds would not come from the $91 million jury verdict awarded to the district, but the board rejected the offer without much explanation.

Following that decision, the board unexpectedly voted in favor of redistricting, angering many parents.

District 1 Board Member John Crowder put in the motion to approve the plan. All but two board members, approved the measure.

Vice Chairman, Marcie Savage walked out, angered by the sudden call for a vote. At-Large Board member, Sherry Hodges said, I m saddened by the process.

The decision resulted in chaos at the meeting, as parents began to cry and scream. Officials escorted some parents and students out.

Kristopher Loretz, took the podium during the brief public forum. He was among many convinced the board deceptively planned the vote, knowing most parents would not be present to see it.

There was no reason for us to speak tonight the decision was clearly already made. This was an absolutely travesty, and I am just amazed at the lack of thought process that went into this whole decision, he said.

The vote comes just one day after the second and final scheduled public hearing. More than 100 speakers signed-up to speak out against redistricting.

They came up and gave a couple of meaningless rebuttals to the information provided by parents, they didn t provide any numbers any facts. They had this decision made long ago, this was just a charade, said parent Kim Hilegas.

The approval includes amendments to grandfather sitting high school students. It would also allow 4th-7th graders to complete placement before being redistricted, as long as parents can provide transportation.

We had two board members that had spoken and told us what they think, and the rest were silent until tonight, and they just voted, said parent Kim Bernier with tears.

It s absolutely riduclous, and I'm just sad for my kids, and that I have to go home and tell them, she said.

Some pointed out the timing of the vote, a night before student finals, exemplifies the board s disregard for those affected.

Kevin Stewart, District 2 Board member reminded the audience, should the public villify or wage personal attacks against individuals in light of this decision, that this was a policy decision by the majority.

He went on to say he hopes the public can start moving forward and start the healing process. That statement was followed by calls for their resignation.

NBC Charlotte reached out to several board members, but they did not wish to comment.

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