FORT MILL, S.C. -- Neighbors say the fight over the future of the old PTL tower in Fort Mill is taking too long and yielding no progress except an eyesore that s looking even worse.

It's been two years this month since York County and MorningStar Ministries, the tower's owner, ended up trading barbs which led to a lawsuit which is currently being litigated, officials say.

Neighbor Eric Kinsinger wore a shirt to the York County Council meeting this week which reads I am not a team player .

One council member read it out loud. Kinsinger says he wore it out of frustration.

They've done nothing, Kinsinger said, I've given up.

March 2012 is when county leaders said MorningStar had enough time to repair the tower and claim the church violated a five-year development agreement, which included fixing the tower or the church tearing it down with its own money.

March, 2012, is also when MorningStar held a news conference saying it planned to spend millions to turn the tower into upscale senior condos, but alleged false information from the county harmed the church's finances.

I just really want to know when something is going to get done, Kinsinger said to county leaders.

So does Jim Costanzo, who lives in Baden Village near the tower.

Look at the building, it's an eyesore. I know probably 90-percent of the residents here wish it was gone, Costanzo said.

Neighbors say the tower now looks worse with what appears to be more windows smashed out.

Nothing is positive about it. I don't know what the plans are, said Costanzo.

There has been some progress around the tower property. The old castle is gone and brand new homes are being built.

That monstrosity of a 242 foot tall building has never had a certificate of occupancy since it was built. It should have never gone this long. I mean it's been here for, we're going on 28 years now, Kinsinger said.

It is in the court system. They are doing due diligence. Just know that, okay, replied County Council Member Joe Cox during Monday night's meeting.

NBC Charlotte contacted MorningStar, but so far haven't heard back.

Jim Bakker resigned 27 years ago Wednesday as chairman of PTL Ministries.

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