CHARLOTTE, N.C. A federal grand jury met Tuesday in Charlotte and regarding a formal indictment of former Mayor Patrick Cannon.

After hours of talks, members did not issue the indictment.

When Cannon was arrested last month by the FBI on political corruption charges, the government then had 30 days to seek an indictment from a grand jury.

Melissa Owen is a criminal defense attorney. She has no role in the Cannon case but does practice in federal court.

She said the clock is running. He s either going to have to agree to give them an extension of time in which to indict him or they are going to have to indict him sometime next week, Owen said.

New paperwork was filed with the court Monday. It was a notice relating to Cannon s passport and was filed by the Probation Office. The document was sealed by a judge, but Owen said she believes it is a receipt for Cannon s passport.

The passport was seized by the FBI during a search last month of Cannon s home.

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