CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Federal prosecutors are asking Mecklenburg County for documents and records as the investigation of Charlotte s former mayor appears to widen.

It s been a month to the day since Patrick Cannon was arrested, and prosecutors continue to plaster the walls of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center with subpoenas.

This time, the subpoena is to the county. No one at the county is saying exactly what records regarding Cannon have been ordered but the FBI affidavit says Cannon told an undercover operative that he could clear real estate and development issues with any number of county officials.

Last week, NBC Charlotte reported details related to a second criminal investigation surrounding Cannon. The FBI says it involved a prominent businessman, who Cannon claims to have helped with a major project. The FBI has corroborated the claim but has not named the businessman, as the investigation is continuing.

Since his arrest, Cannon has virtually disappeared from public view.

There has been some speculation of a quick plea agreement for Cannon, which has not happened.

The next scheduled grand jury meeting in this case is May 20.

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