CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Starting Friday, travelers will have more lanes open on Josh Birmingham Parkway. This will allow for cars to find long-term parking more easily, according to Interim Assistant Director of Development Jeff McSwain.

This will provide a more direct route to our front door. It will give our drivers more time to find parking. It will be easier for our customers.

Drivers headed to Charlotte Douglas will be directed to airport's new entrance road's inbound lanes, which merge onto Little Rock Road and head directly to the terminal.

See map of road updates here

The massive construction taking place around the airport has confused some drivers causing minor delays.

It s sort of a quagmire. Said Charles Harris.

The best advice is to give yourself more time, according to Meeka Debevoise. A frequent flyer for her work, she always has a plan.

I allow myself an hour from the time I pull in to get to my gate, but I travel all the time. So if you re an infrequent flyer, an hour-and-a-half to two hours and you ll have plenty of time.

All of the roadway construction should be completed by November. To access real-time parking conditions call 704 359-5555, or visit

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