CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Two airline passengers, including a toddler, were treated for heat-related illness Friday after an air conditioner malfunctioned on a US Airways jet, authorities said.

US Airways flight 1106, bound for Philadelphia, had been delayed for more than three hours because of mechanical problems before departing Charlotte-Douglas at around 2:30 p.m.

Passenger Joyce Goddard of Delaware told NewsChannel 36 the air conditioning was still not working when the plane left the gate.

It was uncomfortable, she said, adding the flight crew instructed passengers to close window shades and leave air vents open.

About 15 minutes after takeoff, a man sitting in the back of the Boeing 767 became ill, several witnesses said.

Flight attendants announced the plane would be returning to Charlotte-Douglas.

Goddard said shortly after the announcement, a woman alerted flight attendants that her young son was unresponsive.

Nicole Palardy, a nurse from Vermont who was on board the flight, said she worked to cool the toddler by placing ice near his main arteries in his neck and groin.

At that point he started to come around, she said.

Two other passengers, who are certified Emergency Medical Technicians, also came to the child's aid.

Palardy said the temperature in the plane's cabin reached 115 degrees.

It was definitely a scary scenario for everyone, she said.

Two flight attendants were injured as the plane made an emergency descent to Charlotte, passengers said.

One of the attendants was transported by Medic to the hospital as a precaution.

US Airways spokesperson Michelle Mohr said the plane was taken out of service and passengers were re-booked on later flights.

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