CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- An unusual start to one of the biggest trials in our area.

Demeatrius Montgomery is accused of killing two Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers,

Monday's hearing started with some excitement when the defendant refused to show up and ended with the lead prosecutor on the stand.

The families of officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton declined to talk about the start of the trial, as did the family of Demetrius Montgomery.

The accused killer has never been big on words, at least not to his defense team.

Monday morning he even refused to come to court and when his attorneys told him deputies might use force, Duane Bryant, his lead council, said that he told them, Brought in by force, you are not my lawyers.

An aunt eventually talked him into appearing.

Investigator A.K. Fant drew fire from the defense when He admitted that he destroyed some of his original notes.

The defense asserted that it was the equivalent of destroying evidence.

Prosecutor Marsha Goodenow pointed out that the witnesses were all videotaped or recorded, and that evidence was not touched.

Still she was forced to take the stand because she had one private conversation with Fant about the matter.

Most legal experts feel this issue would not derail a trail, but Montgomery's threat to fire his attorneys could slow things down.

The judge asked him a series of questions and he refused to respond.

Judge Bridges told him that he would interpret his silence as consent and then told him, You'all have been married and you're going to have to live together for a while.

Montgomery did not show any emotion.

Occasionally he would glance at his family or look to see who was coming into the courtroom.

Jury selection is expected to start soon and it could take weeks because of all the publicity.
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