CHARLOTTE, N.C. Neighbors in Madison Park continue to be terrorized by a recent rash of home burglaries. Residents say the break-ins started six to eight weeks ago and haven t subsided, despite increased police patrols and several arrests.

At least every two or three days we have something happen, said Martin Doss, homeowners association director.

In the past week, four homes have been hit by thieves, according to CMPD s crimemapping tool. On Tuesday, a home on Bradbury Drive and a home on Gentry Place were targeted. The trend marks a distinct change for the usually quiet south Charlotte neighborhood.

We've gone months without a single crime in our neighborhood. So this is not normal for us at all, said Doss.

The homeowners association is encouraging residents to call 911 if they see anything suspicious, and to relay information to neighbors. It also tells neighbors to resist opening front doors to strangers, but to acknowledge when someone s home. Doss says in several instances the burglar will ring the front door to see if someone s home, before gaining access through the back door.

We do encourage people to let people know they're inside by flipping on a light or just going to the window and telling them to go away, he said.

A brand new homeowner who just moved into his house Wednesday said he ll be on alert, but is still excited about his new neighborhood.

We love the neighborhood here, which is why we wanted to come out here, said Sean Hartman.

Neighbors say CMPD hasn t provided an explanation about why there s been a spike in burglaries.

This can't be the new norm for us, it s got to be just a phase, said Doss.

And I believe that's the whole point, said Cerda.
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