CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you ve watched the World Cup, you ve seen the soccer fields, but probably didn t realize that some of those fields were cut by local mowers for the Charlotte-based company Jacobsen.

After we did demonstrations and showed them what our products could do, the stadiums were convinced, said Jacobsen s President David Withers.

Jacobsen is a Textron company with 300 employees in the Charlotte area and have been manufacturing here for 15 years. This isn t the company s first World Cup, but one they are still excited to be a part of.

I m always watching to see if I can see the mowers cutting out there, Withers said, I love seeing our equipment out there.

Since the tournament started, Jacobsen has supplied several of the stadiums and they have at least 20 of their machines in Brazil. They even get to prepare the field for the World Cup final on July 13.

Withers says as global traders, their products are as effective in Brazil as they are here in North Carolina. For the sake of the games, he says quality is essential.

The last thing you want is a player to be damaged because he's tripped or damaged himself because of poor pitch maintenance, Withers said.

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