CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Heads up, drivers. A busy east Charotte intersection is closing down starting Friday night,so drivers are urged to avoid the area or expect heavy congestion. Local businesses say the maintenance being done is needed.

Transportation authorities say the outbound lanes of Central and North Sharon Amity will be closed starting at 7 Friday night. During the same time period, northbound Sharon Amity will be reduced to one lane, and inbound North Sharon Amity at Central will be reduced to one lane.

They say it's necessary for maintenance on a sewer line and workers at one local business here at the intersection, Porky's Auto Repair, say there is a problem with flooding in this area. Not only do they get build up flood water when it rains heavily, but they know others in the area do as well, so the maintenance is needed.

When it rains, always we have back up water from the sewer. They put something up to control it but I hear others have the same problem around here. So even if the closure impacts congestion and business, it s worth it to get it fixed, said Porky s Auto Repair worker Jacky Garcia.

The closure lasts until to 6:00 a.m. Monday.

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