Greetings and Happy Tuesday,

Yesterday we ran a story about flooding in the western United States, and it got me thinking about dangerous situations. People usually don t think how little water it takes to get stuck in a flood. Really, all it takes is a few inches for cars and trucks to get stuck and float away. (I witnessed a lot of this when I worked in the Midwest.)

During emergencies from a fire, you ll most likely remember to get your pet to safety, but the emergency crew may not know you have a pet inside the home.

This is why I like this deal from Castor and Pollox so much.

Check it out here.

This is a static window cling you can put in your home or even car in case of a fire, and indicate if you have a dog or cat or how many you have.

Speaking of animals, I found a free sample of Young Again Pet Food for your cat. This is an anti-obesity cat food.

How can we forget? Dog owners can get a free sample of Purina IncrediBites by entering your information at the Wal-Mart sample site here.

Lastly, something for the pet owner; a free sample of Nexxus Pro Mend shampoo and conditioner.

This product claims to bind together up to 92 percentof your split ends in one use.

Okay, gotta get cracking.

Sonja s off today, so I ll see you TV at 4pm, 5pm, 5:30, 6pm and 11pm!



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