CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A black bear sighting was the talk of the day at Tank Town Cafe on Little Rock Road on Charlotte's west side.

In addition to serving her customers, waitress Kathy Furor brings them up to date on the latest news in the area.

It was a baby bear, probably looking for its mama, Furor said.

The black bear, which employees at the Keenan Transport Company estimated weighed anywhere from 150 to 200 pounds, wandered onto the property early Wednesday morning. The bear walked into the path of a truck and that driver called 911.

I just saw a black bear, the driver told the 911 operator. Yes, I just saw him walk by. He's a pretty big one.

The driver also told the 911 worker that he was worried that workers inside Keenan may have been trapped, because the bear was inside a gated area.

No one at the company was injured. Still, nearby residents like Furor say they'll be keeping watch just in case the bear shows up again.

Especially if it's a baby bear, the mama bear could be around somewhere and somebody could get hurt here because she's going to be mad, Furor said.

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