WASHINGTON (AP) -- Maryland police found remains on Tuesday that they have confirmed are of a missing boy whose mother was discovered beaten and stabbed to death last week.

Investigators discovered the remains of a young, African-American child Tuesday morning in a wooded area of Montgomery County after a search that spanned 30,000 acres.

Montgomery County police confirmed to NewsChannel 36 Wednesday afternoon the remains are those of 11-year-old William McQuian. Police have not determined the cause of death.

Authorities began searching for William after Jane McQuain was found dead last Wednesday in the bedroom of her condominium in Germantown, about 30 miles northwest of Washington. Her estranged husband, Curtis Maurice Lopez, was arrested in the Charlotte, N.C., area the following morning at an EconoLodge. He waived his extradition on Monday and is due back in Maryland at some point to face charges.

Manger said William McQuain is believed to have been at that location since October 1. Security footage shows Lopez and the boy going in out and of a Germantown storage facility two times that morning, and McQuain's clothing from that day matches what was found on Tuesday, Manger said. Police were still investigating where McQuain was killed.

Police have been searching trails and parks in northern Montgomery County, based on undisclosed information they say they've received.

Lopez had served more than a dozen years in prison in Pennsylvania before being paroled in 2000.

McQuain's ex-boyfriend, Ronald McCombs, told The Associated Press last week that she had told him several weeks ago that she feared for her safety and was concerned Lopez might harm her. He said the two had recently been arguing, largely about money.

Police said witnesses had told them that they had seen Lopez loading boxes into McQuain's car in the last few weeks.

Lopez is still in a Mecklenburg County jail.

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