CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are trying to find out who broke into a soldier's home and stole a pair of his Air Jordan sneakers on Thursday.

Dorthy Scott is a proud military mom, and her son PFC Brandon Scott is currently serving overseas in Kuwait.

While she was out running errands Thursday afternoon, Scott says a burglar broke the glass on her back door and took her son's brand new Air Jordan Concords from his room.

He was just so thrilled because they're such a hot item and hard to come by, but he ordered his online and I had them here so they'd be here when he got back, says Scott.

Nothing else was stolen from the west Charlotte home, but Scott believes the thieves knew what they were looking for.

He was so proud of them he posted it on his Facebook page, said Scott.

She says her son worked hard to save money for the sneakers, and although they re just a material item, she wants whoever is responsible to pay for the principle of what they did.

It's just really sad so much value has been put on a pair of sneakers and the lack of respect for a soldier and his home, says Scott.

Scott says each pair of the shoes comes with a tracking code so you know who bought them.

She says police are hoping to use that code and a possible eyewitness to find her son's stolen pair of sneakers.
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