CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Winter seems to be hibernating this year, and Thursday s 71-degree temperature was proof of that.

Joggers in Dilworth on Thursday were slightly under dressed for what you'd expect this time of year.

And at the Alpine Ski Center on East Boulevard, business is slower than ever.

It has definitely been super slow. We ve been cutting hours. Normally (we) cut hours during spring season. It s been very slow, said worker Jen Classic.

The clothing racks have stayed full all season.

It s aggravating to a certain extent because this is what we do and we need the people coming in, said Eric Huston, who has worked at the Dilworth store for 14 years.

It has been too warm, one of the worst seasons I ve seen due to the warm weather, Huston added.

He describes it as a very long spring.

I miss my long sleeves. I want it to be cold. It needs to be cold. We ve got to have cold weather to stay busy.

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