CHARLOTTE, N.C. A die hard Panthers fan recently stumbled upon some pretty valuable team information and property, and what he did with it may surprise people.

Matt Rowell, 26, dug around at a yard sale recently and found a Carolina Panthers Super Bowl playbook in bags headed for the trash.

Rowell immediately recognized the Super Bowl playbook from the writing saying 2004 Panthers-Patriots, along with other sensitive financial information from a list of star players.

Among the items he found at the yard sale was also lineman Kris Jenkins' size 16 cleats. He showed his friends the Super Bowl playbook before calling the Panthers so he could return the playbook and the financial documents.

Ienjoyed it for a week. Iwas like, you know what, this really belongs more to the fans than it does to me or for me selling it, because if Iwere to sell it on Craigslist or eBay or wherever, then that person may then sell it to the Falcons or to the Saints, Rowell said. It's just stuff that you can't, as a die hard fan you just can't do that.

Matt did get to keep a few things, including the nameplate that adorned Jenkins locker at the 2004 Super Bowl. He also still has the Pro Bowl playbooks he found.

Rowell says he's already planning on a Panthers playoff trip in the upcoming season.

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