CHARLOTTE, NC -- CeCe Buehner says she s a dedicated, loving mother who makes choices that reflect her good parenting.

She believes strongly in breastfeeding and helped create a breastfeeding support page called Respect The Breast.

It s a really terrible fight when other mothers don t accept what we do...and it s a good option for children, Buehner said.

Their Facebook page came under attack in late 2011 when Facebook took down several photos on the page saying they violated decency policies.

After an I-Team report, Facebook did an about face and let the photos stay. But last week, it happened again and the ladies are hopping mad about it.

Yep, (they) took it down, but I reposted it, said Heather Stultz.

Stultz is the page co-founder, which has over 7,000 fans--some of them high profile names.

The women say they are tired of people lashing out at what is natural and what they believe is healthy for their children. It is a Facebook page for questions and answers, members say.

They ask about how they can get their supply up, all kinds of stuff, Stultz said.

April Ryley is a local fan of the page and doesn t understand why anyone would have a problem with mothers sharing answers, experiences and photos with each other given some of the other content you can see online.

I was kind of surprised that Facebook wouldn t have a problem with a girl not wearing pants, but does have a problem with a woman feeding her baby, said Ryley.

The NewsChannel 36 I-Team contacted Facebook Media Relations for an explanation, but as of 4 p.m. had not heard a response. The moms want answers and want their photos left alone.

If you don t like it, please don t come here. Don t harass my mothers and my fans, it s not fair, Stultz said.

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