CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It s that time of the year when people spend a lot of time out in their yards trying to get the flowers to grow and grass to be greener.

For some reason golf courses seem to have no trouble at getting that grass a beautiful green color.

NewsChannel 36 s Ira Cronin got a close look at how the grounds crew at Quail Hollow Country Club maintains their grass.

It s a diverse group from all over the world and country, Superintendent at Quail Hollow Club Jeff Kent said of his grounds crew.

Kent is in charge with overseeing the grounds all year round at Quail Hollow. A task that he says is not always easy.

It starts with some luck, a little help from God and a lot of effort, Kent said of keeping the property at Quail Hollow Club in top shape.

The key to maintaining the grass is the expensive specialized mowers Quail Hollow has.

When you think about mowing people just think about cutting grass, President of Jacobsen David Withers said. There are 10 to 12 different types of mowers for all the different grasses and heights of cuts.

The Quail Hollow grounds crew works late into the evening and early in the morning to make sure each blade of grass is trimmed to its proper length.

One of the things a successful green keep or superintendent manages to do is no one sees the [grounds crew], Withers said. It should be done when you re not there or the work gets done and you just see the fabulous golf course.

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