ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Police say a man climbed through a McDonald s drive-through and threatened overnight employees.

The suspect scared employee s so badly, they hid and feared for their safety.

The incident has become the talk of the town.

David Daniels has seen his share of things working at The Service Center Muffler Masters of Rock Hill, right across the street from the McDonald's on Cherry Road.
A lot of road rage because people can't get in our out. They want to get out of the car and call each other names, Daniels said.

He also says late-night drunk drivers have hit McDonald's brick wall going through the drive-through.

What happened around three o'clock Thursday morning might take the cake, if not take the burger and fries.

Police say that's when 24-year-old Leonard Christopher Smalls, Jr., came through the drive-through and demanded his food.

Employees reminded Smalls he had to pay for it, and that's when police say Smalls said don't make me (expletive) come in there , and then he climbed through the drive through window, yelling the whole time.

Police say employees hid and feared Smalls was going to rob them. One employee showed him the door, but that wasn't the end of it. By then an officer arrived and ordered Smalls out of his car.

Instead of listening, police say Smalls drove off fast but pulled over about a mile away.
Police say they followed Smalls, but did not chase him.

Police gave Smalls a field sobriety test and say his blood alcohol level was .29, more than three times the legal limit.

Alcohol does strange things to people, Daniels said.
That's why he thinks McDonald's should increase security for overnight workers.
At least from midnight to six a.m., he said.

McDonald's had no comment about the drive-through becoming a climb-through, or security.

Back working on that tire, Daniels now has one more story to tell about antics across the street.
Alcohol changes people real quick, they do things they normally wouldn't do and they pay for it in the end, he said.

For Smalls, paying for it now means being charged with DUI, resisting police and public disorderly conduct.

He s already out of jail on a $3,500 dollar bond.

Officials say he was due back at the police department late Friday to have his mug shot taken.

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