CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Like most people, Michael Wood started his day with the grim news of the Colorado theatre shootings.

I heard about it this morning, was just getting ready to have breakfast, he said.

He'd already been planning to see the final Batman movie and says the shooting spree made him more determined than ever.

You don t give in to it, you go do what you re going to do, live your life. That s the best you can do, said Wood.

Folks we talked to after seeing the movie say it is, as promised, a thrill ride -- enough to distract from thoughts of the tragedy.

But some admitted, they couldn't help being a little on edge.

Tim Kramer said, When we were inside the theatre, I kind of wanted to make sure the exit door was close, shut all the way but for the most part, wasn t really skin off my back or anything.

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