INDIAN LAND, S.C. -- Parents are outraged after a flyer went home to students at Indian Land Elementary encouraging them to participate in a beauty pageant where the winners would represent their school all year long during school events.

In the flyer, the Warrior king and queen would be judged on their facial beauty, sparkling personality, and overall appeal, and there would be extra prizes for best smile, best hair and best eyes.

Even if you don t watch the show, you've probably heard about Honey boo boo , the seven-year- old who loves a tiara.

She proudly says, I m a superstar because I do pageants!

Her face is the symbol of outrage on a facebook page David and Jessica Dodson started after the Lancaster county elementary school their kids attend sent a flyer home encouraging students to participate in the first ever Indian Land elementary warrior school pageant.

Jessica said, That they would base the criteria of choosing the Indian land king and queen on facial beauty it was horrific and a little bit revolting.

They weren't alone in their anger, other parents quickly posted on the facebook page.

One parent wrote on the facebook page, daughter came home crying because she didn t think she was going to be beautiful enough to enter let alone win the contest.

A spokeswoman for the school refused to give her name but said the principal was aware the flyer had gone out and pointed out the school did not sponsor the pageant.

Hours after the facebook page was created, the principal sent an email saying the pageant had been cancelled. NBC Charlotte was told because the principal was inundated with angry emails.

Jessica, a mother of five, said, I am not against pageants. If you want to do that, that s fine, I just don t think that facial beauty is something that should be criteria to be a school mascot basically.

Honey Boo Boo might disagree.

Other parents disagree as well. Some have told NBC Charlotte they re angry the pageant was cancelled and are working on a petition to bring it back.

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