What started as a simple pledge with her family has become a life changer for one Charlotte area woman.

Lisa Leake created a web site called 100 Days of Real Food. She knows firsthand that cutting out processed food isn't easy. If your family is like hers, chances are they will resist. But there is a way to ease the transition.

I think it s important to remember that is doesn t have to be all or nothing. Small changes can go a long way, Leake said.

She has five tips to help get you started:

  1. Start reading ingredient labels. Look at how many ingredients are in the food. Can you pronounce the names of them? The fewer ingredients the better.
  2. Switch to whole grains. You should look for the words whole wheat on the ingredients label.
  3. Buy organic dairy.
  4. Eat more produce. It will displace some of the processed food you might have had on your plate.
  5. When it comes to young children, it s up to the parent to provide the food. Offer children more real food.

People can start by getting rid of the processed food in the kitchen. If it s there you will want to eat it.

With kids, especially young kids, it s like out of site out of mind. Just getting it out of the house can make such a big difference, Leake said.

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