CHARLOTTE, NC -- I received an email from Jobena Terry asking me if I could help her with a refund she said she is entitled to after a purchase. Jo said she bought a bedroom set at Moneywise Furniture at the corner of Eastway and Central, but only got the bed, even though she paid for the whole set in full.When the rest of the set never arrived, she demanded her money back for the pieces she didn t get.

Jo said they basically kept giving me the runaround, call AJ, then he s not there, make an appointment, he s not there. Total run-around? Yeah, total run-around.

Moneywise finally agreed to refund Jo her money, but then charged her an additional $100 for the bed because they said she broke up the set. I called Moneywise and talked to AJ, the manager, and he promised to refund Jo her $100.Within a few days, Jo called me and her money had been refunded.

Jo is happy she got her money but told she wouldn t shop there again.If you d like some help with a problem, you can find me on Facebook as bill mcginty wcnc charlotte and I m on Twitter as @billwcnc. Or, if you d like, shoot me an email to

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