CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Republican House member from Iredell County, Representative Robert Brawley, has resigned as the Chair of the State House Finance Committee.

Representative Brawley resigned as the Chair of the Finance Committee via a letter to Thom Tillis, the Speaker of the House.

Brawley listed several issues that caused Brawley great concern that were cited in his resignation letter:

  • A Republican-led General Assembly passing a bill giving a monopoly to the family of a Republican legislator. I am sure you know what I am referring to since all conversations I have had with anyone seem to lead back to you.
  • You slamming my office door shut, standing in front of me and stating that you have a business relationship with Time Warner and wanting to know what the bill was about. You and I both know the bill stifles the competition with MIConnections in Mooresville. MIConnections is being operated just as any other free enterprise system and should be allowed to do so without the restrictions placed on them by the proponents of Time Warner.
  • It appears I was wrong when you spoke to the trucking association. You said you would not have toll roads in North Carolina. Now, all indications in this chamber are that you are the champion for toll roads. I am sorry, but I disagree with that 100-percent. Toll roads are just another way of taxing. I fought them during Democratic administrations because I felt like the Democrats were just trying to use another financing scheme to build something they could take credit for while passing the debt on to future generations.
  • My little bill to de-annex 23 acres in Troutman when the town council had told the man he could de-annex but for some reason, the legislator that represented the district for two years did absolutely nothing. I had called and confirmed with the mayor that the man was told he could de-annex. After being told that, the man improved the property and greatly increased its value. I tried to put in the de-annexation bill and you know what has happened to it. You have controlled it completely, or your staff has, under the pretense we do not want to create conflicts with towns.

Locally, in early-May, the HOTlane debate got a little hotter when Brawley announced his opposition to the toll lanes on I-77 north of Charlotte to Highway 150 in Mooresville. Brawley originally supported the the toll lanes, but switched his position.

My general opposition to toll roads is I feel we, the consuming public, are paying twice (with tolls) , Rep. Brawley said during an interview with NBCCharlotte several weeks ago.

Brawley closed his letter saying he reserves the right to continue to represent my district and to fight for what I believe is American .

Brawley has not resigned from the finance committee as a whole, just as the chair.

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