Smashburger: BOGO burgers at Smashburger can be yours with this coupon here.

Elle Magazine: A free subscription to Elle is available at the Mercury Magazines site here.

Fit Crunch Bar:
A free sample will be available at the company s website for a limited time. This is a bar with a cookie/cake consistency, but is enough food fuel to be a nutritious snack.

Energy Mix:
Don t forget about this deal for Bony Acai energy drink mix.

Nordic Naturals:
Omega fish oils company, Nordic Naturals has a continuing offer for free sample packets of their product at their webpage here. The button to click for your sample is way at the bottom right hand corner, so don t miss it!

You know how Deals work: understand these are good only for a limited time, and these are subject to change at any time. Have FUN and see you on TV! --Dion

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