CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Massive flooding struck after two hurricanes hit the northern region of Mexico. Locals in the Charlotte area with family abroad are watching the news and praying for the best.

My father, my grandparents, just relatives, cousins, uncles, said Mexico native Glorida Moctezuma.
Moctezuma is watching the flooding in Mexico closely. With most of her family living there, she's worried.

There's no communication with people. A lot of floods everywhere, people don't have food, they lost all their clothes, all their belongings, their houses, pretty much everything, said Moctezuma.

Her mother lives here in Charlotte with her, and spoke with her father on Saturday.

They were speaking briefly, and he said I will call you Monday and she said ok fine. And we've not heard anything from him since, said Moctezuma.

Her family lives in the state of Guerrero, a region devastated the worst by the hurricane, and then tropical storm and earthquake combined.

Maybe because he lives between where there are two rivers, where two rivers meet, he probably can't get out. And that's probably why we haven't heard from him, she said.

Gloria s been closely following Facebook. There's a site dedicated to Guerrero, where pictures and updates are posted. While she's waiting to hear from family, Gloria says she's praying that everyone is safe.

I am concerned. I'm worried, but I also trust in God that everything is going to be fine, so that gives me peace.

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