CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It was number one at the box office this weekend.

Bad Grandpa was shot here in Charlotte, and there's one scene that is getting the most attention. NBC Charlotte sat down exclusively with the local woman who made it happen.

Real life is a little zany for the owner of Carolina Cuties and pageant director Brett Panzik.
Two sets of twins will do that.

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So it really wasn't a huge stretch when Johnny Knoxville's production company called the Indian Trail mom asking for help orchestrating what has become one of the most buzzed about scenes from the box office smash, Bad Grandpa.

None of it was scripted, it was all real. We weren t told what to say or do, Panzik says.
Most of the movie was shot around Charlotte and involves pranking real people. The pageant scene took three months of planning on Panzik s part.

I knew it was going to be somewhat inappropriate. Again that would be the idea behind getting the reactions.

In the scene, Johnny Knoxville -- disguised as a grandpa -- encourages an 8-year-old boy dressed as a girl to compete in a pageant. The young actor shocks the crowd with a striptease.
The other contestants and parents had no idea they were being pranked and hidden cameras were rolling.

Panzik told us, Honestly, I thought it was hysterical, and the fact that a young boy could be dressed up like that and pull it off where nobody had any idea, and have a routine down the way he did -- I saw the talent in it and I was just amazed.

But the audience, still not in on the joke, had a different reaction.

Jaw drops, mouth covered, people covering their children s eyes. People getting up and running out.

The movie is in theatres now.

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