CHARLOTTE, N.C. County leaders joined Tuesday to tout the success of the healthcare law in Mecklenburg County. But county commissioners and Affordable Care Act navigators provided little evidence, other than anecdotal stories, to corroborate the success.

NBC Charlotte's ACA section

In Mecklenburg County, it's been fantastic, said Mark Van Arnam, regional organizer for Enroll America.

When pressed, Van Arnam couldn t provide specifics for enrollment numbers.

I'm not sure about that. I believe there will be some numbers released later this week, he said.

At a national level, firm numbers about enrollment have been elusive and problems with the Web site have been persistent.

Nobody's as frustrated as we are and the rest of the navigator organizations about the Web site glitches, he said.

But the navigator organizations, which help guide people through the enrollment process, say the site isn t the only problem. Counselors say there s a lack of knowledge and proactive involvement in the community.

The community is going to have to be far more mobilized than they are, said Johnnie Gage of C.W. Williams Community Health Center, a federally-approved navigator agency.

Gage says the center helps ten people a day, and has a waiting list of 300.

Applications can be completed online, over the phone and through the U.S. Postal Service.

It s a marathon, not a sprint, said Van Arnam.

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