Is Kmart's latest holiday ad too naughty?

The retailer that brought you the play-on-words Ship My Pants and Big Gas Savings commercials is back with another cheeky ad but this one features holiday hunks playing Jingle Bells with their, uh, junk.

The Show Your Joe ad is part of anad campaign forKmart's holiday-themed Joe Boxer items being sold at their store and online.

AccordingtoTheToday Showthead is stirring up controversy, and some peoplehavetaken to Kmart's Facebook page to complain that the it's too racy.

The Joe Boxer ad is disgusting and not fit for family consumption. K-Mart is off my list, wrote Kate McGinnis Frasier.

Wow imagine this commercial playing while the kids are watching a Charlie Brown Christmas or Frosty the Snowman. Inappropriate for kids!!! wrote Luann Thompson.

But others defended the ad, saying it's all in good fun.

I think it is so funny people are so upset over the joe boxer commercial, wrote Lauren Rae Atkins. We watch so many other ads with half naked women and nobody says a thing! I thought it was so funny! Good for you!

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