CHARLOTTE, N.C. Tripp Mazzucco s company, Stand and Cheer, is based out of a single sparse cubicle off of West Boulevard. Hanging on the cubicle walls are a few T-shirts created by Mazzucco himself featuring Charlotte sports teams.

Everything happens in this room, from packaging and shipping, to designing, and folding and boxing, he said.

Despite having no design experience, 22-year-old Mazzucco designs the T-shirts himself. He also prints them at his father s screen printing facility when workers are at lunch, or after they go home at night. He then sells the shirts online. As a one-man operation, business was slow for months.

Really slow at first. I think up until this month our highest selling shirt -- we sold maybe 12 of them.

But Mazzucco said business started picking up once the Bobcats announced the team would change its name to the Hornets. Then Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith coined the term Ice up, son following a Monday night football game, referring to a rival.

Then, the next morning, I had the shirt on the website.

Mazzucco s Ice up, son shirt is just one of many sold online. A quick internet search discovers shorts, hoodies, beverage coasters and bumper stickers all emblazoned with the phrase. Smith, himself, has been photographed sporting Mazzucco s version of the shirt. Stand and Cheer has sold approximately a hundred Ice up, son shirts so far. It s a large task for a one man company.

It might not stop. I mean, I'm sure it will, but it doesn't feel like there's an end in sight at this point. I'm definitely not complaining, he said.

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