We start today s edition of Dion s Daily Deals with some BOGO offers. (AKA: Buy-1-Get-1-Free). With the holidays upon us, there are PLENTY of coupons and ways to get discounted meals and treats. Check these out, and make sure to read all details first.

Pei Wei: BOGO Entrees when you take a short, easy quiz here.

50% off pizzas along with other offers (Okay, not technically BOGO, but close!)

Krispy Kreme: Not that I m encouraging you to eat all this BOGO food, and then donuts on December 12! Head here to print a coupon for buy-1-get-1- free dozens of donuts. (This probably is best shared with your co-workers or friends...I ve been known to eat 4 or 5 in one sitting if I m not careful!)

Hot Fudge Cake: WHAT? This isn t a BOGO, by the way, it s completely free. An offer for free hot fudge cake? Tell me more! Well, apparently, after Wedneday s National Cookie Day (who knew) it s not National Free Hot Fudge Cake Day, meaning Shoney s is giving away a serving of their signature dessert today only. Call your location ahead of time for participation.

Spongebob Postcard:
This is truly a unique freebie I haven t seen in my 6+ years of doing Dion s Daily Deals. Check you locate a participating post office, you can get a free Spongebob Square Pants postcard, and postage is included! Make sure to call your location ahead of time for participation. Read all your details first!

Fizzy Vitamin Mix: The Emergen-C company is still offering deals for free sample packets of their fizzy vitamin/mineral mixes. Just fill out a short form at the link.

Ice Cream Treat: I first told you about this offer yesterday, which is for a Culver s Merry Mixers ice cream treat. This one is mixed with M&Ms candies. You can send a treat to a couple friends, and enter a contest while you re at it. Check out information on the offer here.

Holiday Music: Another reminder, since this deal is still available: the People Magazine monthly playlist. This time, it s a County Special full of holiday songs, from artists like Kelly Clarkson, Gretchen Wilson and Jewel. Follow instructions will need iTunes!

Natrual Haircare Product: Since our 4pm producer Maya is a fan of this product, I thought I d remind everyone to check out the Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream website through Start Sampling. This offer is for a product which claims to help heal dry and damaged hair. Read all your details expect 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Moisturizer: As the days get cooler (well, not today, with temps in the 70 s in Charlotte!) you may want to go ahead and grab a free sample of Dial 7 Day Moisturizer. This offer is available at the company s Facebook page, and 40,000 fans will get this deal while supplies last.

Phew! Today s crop is pretty bountiful, so get cracking while supplies last! Don t forget, the deals are subject to change without notice, so you ll have to act quickly. Don t worry if you miss out, there will always be more. Have fun and have a great weekend, Dion

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