ROCK HILL, S.C. -- In Rock Hill Wednesday night, the Old Down neighborhood looked more like a ghost town.

It was so quiet, a lone walker could hear boots crunching the layer of thin ice that settled over the snow covered sidewalks.

Stores and restaurants for the most part, had closed down early in the afternoon so employees could get home.

Those that were open, like a pharmacy on Cherry Road, were busy, and even attracted some students looking for food from nearby Winthrop University.

It's hard because we are hungry and nothing else is open, said one of those students, Joey Galtelli.

Roads were hard packed with snow.

Plows were working to keep up and drivers like Reggie Pelletier said he had to be careful of cars that didn't give him much room to do his job.

They just got to take it easy, that's all. They have to respect the snow and the ice, he said.

Others who were not home, were trying to make it there.

One of those drivers, Belinda Brown said, I'm a little weary being out on the road but am trying to be safe and be responsible and get back and get warm.

Schools in all of York County will be closed again Thursday and classes at Winthrop University are canceled.

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