CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Former Charlotte City Councilman and Republican mayoral candidate Edwin Peacock III says Charlotte s City Council should ask lawmakers in Raleigh for help in putting a special mayoral election on the November ballot after the arrest and resignation of Patrick Cannon on federal corruption charges.

I think the only way to restore the public trust is to give the public a voice in this race, said Peacock in an afternoon news conference.

More Charlotte voters are now interested in Cannon s prosecution than the number that bothered to show up and vote in his election. The race last November drew fewer than one voter in five and Peacock lost by about 6,000 votes. But even though he is pushing for a special, off-year election to give the voters a say in the new mayor, Peacock will not say whether he would run.

This is not in any way me giving a confirmation that I would be in or I would be out, Peacock said.

Last July, Charlotte City Council selected Patsy Kinsey as a temporary mayor when Anthony Foxx left to become U.S. Secretary of Transportation. But that was for less than half a year. And there was no cloud of criminal prosecution.

There just isn't any precedence for this so we are in uncharted territory, Peacock said.

The question of having an election won t just be up to the city council. State lawmakers would have to approve such a special election in an off-year. The difference would be whether Charlotte gets an interim, appointed mayor for eight months or for 20.

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