WILMINGTON, N.C. -- A North Carolina teen has a tough decision ahead of him. Ivy League schools are some of the most competitive colleges to get into, with acceptance rates as low as 6-percent; just being accepted to one is a huge accomplishment.

A Lyceum Academy of New Hanover High School senior has been accepted to seven Ivy Leage schools.

Patrick Peoples says when he applied he never thought he'd be accepted to all of them. He's hoping to receive a degree in public policy and economics.

Besides his pick of seven Ivy League schools, he's also been accepted to Duke and UNC.

According to a recent study, one in three African American men will go to prison within their lifetime, and black men have one of the highest high school dropout rates. Peoples realizes not everyone who looks like him gets to where he is.

It means that my mom has done something right, and it also means that I've also had to work very hard to get here, and it hasn't been handed to me, and sometimes you have to work several times harder than other people to get to the same spot.

Peoples visited Yale University and has to decide where he is going to school by May 1.

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