CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Monday brought another day of twists and turns as pretrial motions continued in the case against Demetrius Montgomery.

The latest development centered on the lead detective in the case as an investigation into his activities is well under way.

At one time Arvin Fant was regarded as one of Charlotte's finest. Now, his career is in shambles.

What we can never forget is that individuals create these situations and not the organization, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe.

Fant was the lead detective in the Montgomery case. Montgomery is accused of killing two CMPD officers in 2007.

On the first day of Montgomery's trial, Fant admitted that he discarded notes in the case and he used another officer's writings in other notes to refresh his memory about interviews.

Monroe does not believe that his department's credibility is on the line with this situation, but he is making sure there is a thorough, independent investigation of Fant.

That investigation will be led by retired Superior Court Judge Shirley Fulton.

Fulton says she's taken on the investigation to make sure that evidence that we are presenting to the district attorney in the cases this officer was involved in have the correct information. That none of it is fabricated.

Some retired CMPD supervisors will be on the panel. None of them have any affiliation with Fant.

I think it kind of helps everybody to put this in its proper perspective and to ensure that it gets a fair and balanced review. That's our concern, that a fair and balanced review of these cases are made, said Monroe.

It is unclear at this point how many of Fant's cases are going to be looked at. He's been in homicide for four years and was a robbery investigator for another four years.

Fulton feels this situation could damage the justice system's credibility.

With the activities going on with the SBI, my reaction was, 'Oh no! We need to do something,' said Fulton.

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