SAN FRANCISCO Will users be open to sharing even more information with Facebook or will they opt out of seeing ads based on their activities elsewhere on the Web?

Amelia Sawyer, who with her husband owns and runs restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio, says she plans to opt out.

Sawyer, 35, uses social media to raise the profile of her restaurants and connect with customers. But she says her distrust of Facebook has grown. She even deactivated her account for a while, but turned it back on two weeks ago.

When is enough enough? she said of Thursday's announcement about ad targeting. It feels like overstepping. And if one giant tech company does it, they will all do it. To me, it's just too close for comfort.

Facebook has been able to target ads based on its users' interests for years. Advertisers can reach users based on their activity on Facebook such as likes. And Facebook allows advertisers to target users who visit their companies' websites. Advertisers can also send Facebook a list of customers to whom they want to show ads on the social network.
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