CONCORD, N.C. -- Rollin coal drag racing billows black smoke into the air and a wave of North Carolinians are joining the sport.

It's fun. It s a good time you know you get your family out there. I remember when I was a kid I loved big trucks, said Concord native Erik Lawson.

Lawson dabbles in the diesel truck hobby and recently started promoting big races.

In this sport the truck is the superstar, said Lawson.

Chad Burrow races a supped up Dodge diesel truck and takes pleasure surprising the competition.

I'll have somebody pull in a Mustang or Camaro, and they re over there and they look at you and they're like well that's 7,000 pound truck. I think I got it pretty made and you go out there and you out run them by a truck length or a half, said Burrow.

Both Lawson and Burrow admit they'll get negative feedback about blowing black smoke into the air. When driving on public streets and highways they switch the amount of diesel to reduce emissions and keep the theatrics for the crowds.

Do it on the track, don't do it out here where you've got school buses and single moms and parents and kids on their trucks and in their vehicles don't put anybody's life in jeopardy, said Lawson.
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