CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte-Mecklenburg school officials are considering a number of options to try to battle budget issues and make the district more efficient. Tuesday, they released a list of 12 schools that could be closed.

One of the suggestions on that list is to take high school off E.E. Waddell High School and move the school s current students to other high schools.

Then CMS would move the popularSmith Language Academy from its current location on Tyvola Road and move it to Waddell, turning the high school into a school housing students from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Those changes would mean that current Waddell students would have to go to South Meck, West Meck or Harding High.

Those are three places Waddell junior Michael Bowser says he doesn t want to be.

People don t like it, they don t like it at all, Bowser says. Because everybody loves Waddell. Nobody is trying to leave. We re not trying to break out, we re at home.

South Meck, West Meck and Harding all have better test scores than Waddell, but they re also more crowded. Bowser doesn t think he d do as well there.

Schools are going to be packed and it s going to be hard for us to learn with 30 people in a classroom, he says.

School Board Member Joe White says that as much as he hates the situation CMS students, parents and staff are in, the options make sense.

If it s the right thing to do, I m ready to look at it and do it, he explains.

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