WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The federal government will partially shut down at midnight Friday if Congress doesn't come to a budget agreement.

Democrats and Republicans continue to negotiate, but so far there is no deal. President Obama spoke with Speaker of the House John Boehner Wednesday and both say they are hopeful a deal can still be reached.

But all branches of government are preparing for a partial shutdown.

If there is a shutdown, about 800,000 government workers will be affected. The IRS will shut down and tax refunds will not be processed.

The Federal Housing Administration will also shut down. The FHA funds about 30 percent of housing loans.

Also, all national parks would close.

Members of the military would still earn money but they would not receive checks until the government reopens.

On Wednesday, a bill was introduced in the Senate that would allow military members to be paid if the government shuts down.

Be able to go to work and not have to worry about what is happening back home if you're in a tent in Afghanistan. I so hope we will be able to pass this bill. I don't want one more minute of stress on our military, said Sen. Kay Bailey, R-Texas.

No matter what happens the military and law enforcement will continue to work. Also, there will still be mail service and social security checks will continue to be processed.

Officials are still working out how to handle border and customs issues.

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