Today is one of those days when all the deals just happen to fall under the same category: health and wellness. This makes me happy, since I've had many days where the deals are random, like free potato chips and then a flashlight. It's nice to have a theme today.

For those who can't swallow pills, or just dislike it, check out this offer from Alterna Vites. Instead of a pill, you can get your 22-some-odd vitamins and minerals by pouring a crystal powder onto your tongue.

Those who had joint pain (I'm raising my hand right now for my knees...) or want to help prevent it, check out this deal from Osteo Bi-Flex. The company has a new product for their one-a-day supplements.

Women of the world, you may want to get this offer, even if it's not for you: Calcia is the most popular brand of calcium supplements in Europe, and now you can get them in the US. Check the link and sign up for a free trial kit of their product, along with a coupon.

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PS: If you're prepping for Mother's Day, keep your eyes peeled for deals on flowers. There are a TON out there right now.

Here's one from Mamapedia, a group buying site where you can get $30 worth of flowers for $15. Keep in mind there's usually a delivery charge, which can tack of a few bucks, but it's still a good discount.

Meanwhile is offering 25% off with this code: MDAY592

Also, CVS has a great offer for $3 off three Hallmark cards. Learn how to get it from another great blogger, Wheel and Deal Mama.

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