CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The friends and family of a man who died after being tasered by police remembered him Sunday night, just a few hundred feet from where he lost his life.

Nearly one hundred people gathered in the parking lot of the Woodlawn Light Rail Station to remember Lareko Williams.

Williams, 21, called Reko by family, died Wednesday at the Lynx Station on Old Pineville Road near Woodlawn Road. Someone reported a man beating up a woman, and police said when Officer Michael Forbes arrived, he witnessed the attack and yelled at Williams to stop.

Police said Williams ran and Forbes deployed his taser, after which Williams was unresponsive. Forbes called Medic, but Williams died.

Williams s father addressed the crowd as candles flickered. My son wasn t perfect, but my son had a good heart, he said.

Williams s troubled life was a recurring theme of his family s remarks.

Sometimes he made you so mad you want to wring his neck -- but you wring it in love, said his aunt.

No one spoke specifically of the details surrounding Williams s death, but they referenced it as a warning for others, and how they respond to police.

When you re doing what you're doing, they're not going to hesitate to do what they gotta do, said family friend Otis Howie. Don't be foolish. When they say stop, stop... because there ain't no coming back from where he's at.

Williams s ex-girlfriend, Lenice Brown, said Williams had come over to her house Wednesday to comfort her as she grieved over a friend. She said Williams left to go to work, and was at the Lynx station with his sister and his girlfriend when he died.

But despite the tension, Williams s family prayed for peace.

If you got a grudge, forget them, said Lameka Jackson, because four people have been killed in a week.

Williams s mother was too distraught to speak, but did hold the microphone for a moment to say, I love him.

Williams s family is calling for a complete investigation, and wants to review the security video captured on the light rail station s four cameras.

Police are investigating the incident as an in-custody death and also doing an internal investigation. Officer Forbes is on paid administrative leave.

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