CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- By almost any standard, the accident was nothing more than a fender bender. It occurred at the intersection of Sardis Road and Highway 51 in Matthews Wednesday.

A car driven by the mother of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer David Jones III was stopped at a red light - Jones' 8-year-old son was also in the car. Matthews Police said she was hit from behind by 38-year-old Richard McVicker.

McVicker's wife, Gabrielle Childers told NewsChannel 36, He said he got out and went to the lady's car and was very apologetic. McVicker s head was bandaged and his eyes bruised after Jones confronted him.

Friday, Matthews Police filed charges against Jones, and the 11-year veteran was arrested for assault.

He said the guy came out of nowhere and grabbed him and slammed his face into the asphalt, said Childers.

Jones' family members said this is not a case of an officer losing his cool. They said he was called to the scene by his mother who was frightened along with her grandson because McVicker was allegedly pounding on her car.

Jones was off duty and not in uniform but family members said he identified himself as an officer and asked McVicker to step away. He allegedly refused and that s when Jones took him to the ground. Family members told NewsChannel 36 Jones did not throw a punch but because he did not have his handcuffs, he remained on top of McVicker until Matthews Police arrived.

After spending the night in the hospital, McVicker was arrested for drunk driving. NewsChannel 36 asked Childers if her husband has a problem with alcohol and she admitted that he does and that he has severe liver damage and that his mind doesn t seem to work right all the time.

McVicker has one previous arrest for assault with a deadly weapon, but Childers said his 20-year battle with the bottle has taken its toll. He's very thin. He's covered in bruises anyway from just playing with the dogs. It's somewhat jaundiced right now, she said.

CMPD has placed Jones on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an Internal Affairs investigation.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call CMPD at 704-847-7755.

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