CHARLOTTE, N.C. After an arsonist caused massive damage to the Goodwill store on South Boulevard, Goodwill officials say they are planning on renovating and reopening the building.

The fire broke out just before 10 p.m. on February 23 at the store in the 6600 block of South Boulevard, and the fire caused $500,000 in damages.

A former employee is at the center of the investigation after police say surveillance video showed someone using a car jack to break a glass door, then pouring a flammable liquid throughout the store before using a match to light the fire.

One month ago, we were standing here and we were surveying the damage, said Goodwill President and CEO Michael Elder. After doing the due diligence and looking at this community and the benefit both to the local organization and the community, we decided that we would stay right here, so we're pleased to announce today that we are coming back.

A temporary donation center has been placed at the site, and cleanup efforts have already begun.

The company says the new site should be operational in four to five months. The new and updated store will be modeled after newer stores, and even include environmentally friendly materials and fixtures.

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