CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Thanks for the well wishes after the car accident yesterday. I had my head and neck checked out, and I m doing okay just feeling a bit stiff and achy, but should be ok soon.

Walmart s sample site has samples of the company s Split Remedy shampoo and conditioners. Watch a short video and enter your name and address, it s easy. A $1 off coupon is also available for print while you re there!

Remember those times in grade school when you could get things like free pizza or a free book when you get good grades? I guess the same thing applies to lots of retailers and restaurants nowadays, too.

Call your local Chick-fil-A or McDonald s locations to see if they participate in the free Happy Meal or free eight-piece nuggets offer.

Some Blockbuster locations offer families free rentals with an A report card.

Snapfish Free Card: Using the code ONEFREECARD you can get yourself a free birthday card or any kind of personalized card at their site! You can also get up to five of them, but do them in separate transactions.

Cutex Nail Polish Remover: This sample is available on Facebook for their remover pads. I ve used similar type products while on vacation, or on a trip where it s not convenient to bring an entire bottle of remover with you. Keep in mind this deal is so popular it s slowing down the site, so you ll have to try a few times.

Rewards Gold has another offer for a free year of Martha s magazine here.

Seattle s Best Coffee: A sample can be yours at their Facebook page here.

Thanks everyone for your support see you on TV tonight!

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